Epoxifix - Epoxy
2-part  water based epoxy - waterproofing primer, cement modifier for repairs to concrete.  Mix with sand & cement for high strength repairs and bedding. Internal garage and workshop floor sealer.
4L Kit, 20L Kit

Bond-Rite - PVA
Low cost, high quality, general purpose PVA cement modifier - adhesion promoter, primer, strength improver. Add to sand cement mixes, renders and topping screeds.  Diluted will also act as paint primer for new plasterboard and concrete.  Stronger than the rest.

1L, 5L, 20L, 200L

SB-Rite - Cement Modifier
Rubber concentrate.  Adds adhesion and flexibility.  For all concrete repairs and render. Add to sand/cement blends.  Higher strength than PVA modifiers. 
20L, 200L


Multi-purpose, Polymer additive - increases adhesion,  primer  for highly porous surfaces. Grout additive. When added to selected cement based adhesives will provide additional adhesion & flex
1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 200L

Mud Maker - Mortar Modifier
Mortar super plasticiser for brick-laying, cement rendering, etc. Add a small quantity to water to fatten sand and cement, lime renders, etc.  Improves mixing and workability. 
4L,  20L, 200L

Mud Maker Concentrate

Concentrated Mortar super plasticiser for brick-laying, cement rendering, etc.  Mix 1 part with 20 to make conventional modifier.  Add this to dilute to water to fatten sand and cement, lime renders, etc.  Improves mixing and workability.
1L, 4L,  20L, 200L

Plasticiser & water repellant admixture - , Multi-effect admixture recommended for coloured or plain masonry block and paving manufacture. Improves demolding, edge strength, colour retention, reduces efflorescence.

Slowset - Concrete Retarder
Concrete retarder - increases working time and properties of conventional concrete mixes.  Ideal for hot environments. 
20L, 200L

Melcann - Rapid Set Sand and Cement
Fast setting sand and cement mortar. Ideal for quick repairs. 

Melcann - Rapid Set Concrete
15 minute set time concrete. Ideal for setting posts, clothes lines, rapid repairs to damaged sites, fixing signs . Dig, hole set post, add RAPID SET. Top with water and it sets in 15 minutes.

Bar Chairs
High quality plastic bar chairs available in all sizes for most applications. Panel and Wire chairs as well as tie wire also available.
Economical premixed, cement based wall render and finishing,

bagging and patching compound. Internal & external use.Easy to use, mix with water. Also available in Off White and coloured.

Renderite - Thin Set Render
Premixed, fine finish, cement based wall render and patching compound.  High adhesion and strength, fast cure, water resistant, exterior or interior use. Easy to use, mix with water.

Fine Finish
Light grey Superfine finishing compound. Easily coloured, high adhesion and strength, primerless,  fast cure, water resistant, exterior or interior use.  Easy to use, mix with water.  
5, 10, 20kg

Levelrite - Floor Repair
Interior or exterior cement based smoothing/repair compound. High strength 35 MPa. Mix and trowel. Fast setting.  Fine finish.  Feather edge to 12 mm. 

Cempowder Paint
Economical option for a SantaFe/Tuscan Finish. For coating Fibre Cement sheeting, Concrete block , concrete and brick surfaces. Mix powder with water and apply by brush or broom. Fast drying, durable coating. Colour range available. 
5kg, 20kg

GRC Masta
Glass reinforced concrete - Spray, trowel or cast applications. Mix powder with water. Cast into mold or free form - high strength, low weight. Packaged as kit to meet design requirements.

Construction Grout - Class A

55MPa high strength, patch & repair. Underpinning, bedding plates, concrete repairs, ridge capping, inside or out. Shrinkage compensated.

Construction Grout -
Class C Type

55MPa as with Class A. Non gassing. Shrinkage compensated.

Expanding Grout
Fills voids, 10% volume expansion - 35 MPa.  


Adcure PVA - Curing Aid
Dilute 1 part Adcure PVA with 4 parts water. Economical, conventional PVA based, concrete curing mixture. Low cost per metre.  
20L, 200L

Adcure A
Acrylic based, non flammable, high water retention concrete curing membrane.
20L, 200L

Adjuvate Saniseal -
A crylic modified co-polymer emulsion, developed to provide a barrier to the ingress of urine and water-dispersible liquids into concrete surfaces. The material is quick-drying and modified with selected additives to counter microbial and fungal degradation.
Saniseal is suitable for sealing prepared concrete and surfaces previously “cured” with an acrylic membrane*, it is also compatible with most carpet adhesives*.
(* Refer to 3 rd party manufacturer for approval prior to use).
20L, 200L

Adjuvate GP22 -
High strength, high adhesion, UV stable sealer for concrete, coloured and stencilled concrete, and slate sealer.  Easy to use by brush, roller or spray.  Reduces oil stains on driveways.
20L, 200L

Adjuvate GP31 - CLEAR SEALER
Higher concentrated version of GP22. Higher gloss  
20L, 200L

Black, Brown, Green, Red, Terracotta, Yellow  
1kg, 5kg


Adjutex Colour Shake Hardener
Adds colours, patterns, shading and texture to enhance the appearance of new concrete.
Simply pour the concrete slab and broadcast dry powder onto the still-to-cure concrete surface. Trowel and seal with *GP22 or *GP31 sealer.  Can be used by itself or applied over an extensive range of patterns, simulating everything from bricks to cobblestones.
25 colours available    

Adjutex Spray
Adds colours, patterns, shading and texture to enhance the appearance of old concrete.
A 2 part coloured powder and polymer mix. Applied by hopper spray to clean concrete.Seal with *GP22 or *GP31 sealer. 25 colours available
20kg, 20L

Adjutex Stencil - Patterns
100 square metre boxed roll

Adjutex Stencil - Edging Roll
100 lineal metre boxed roll

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