Flooring Adhesives from Adjuvate

Flooring Adhesives from Adjuvate

January 2, 2021

Adjuvate Australia are, the industry trusted supplier, when it comes to application specific custom tile and building adhesives. Bespoke formulations are designed and produced for new construction, renovations, or even practical or aesthetic upgrades. Adjuvate products are manufactured in Australia and tested to the most stringent Australian Building standards. A comprehensive range is available under licence to 3rd party customers or under the Adjuvate brand throughout the Pacific Islands.

A sample of the Adjuvate premium adhesive range to consider for your next project;

  • Adjuvate 1000 – A low-odour, trowel-applied, water-based resin rubber adhesive designed to adhere reinforced vinyl tile, mineral fibre backed sheet vinyl, natural cork tiles, and select secondary backed carpets to smooth, clean, and dry porous subfloors.
  • Adjuvate 3300– A non-hazardous, trowel-applied, water-based acrylic co-polymer adhesive that bonds vinyl floor, wall coverings, and PVC backed carpets.
  • Adjuvate 8400 – An antimicrobial, pressure-sensitive adhesive with high resistance to concrete surfaces with high alkalinity.
  • Adjuvate Neoprene – A contact adhesive used for bonding leather, rubber, and other shoe materials. It is also found beneficial for adhering flooring and tabletop materials like vinyl, linoleum, or cork to substrates like wood, fibreboard, masonite, and more.
  • Adjuvate Econogrip – A general purpose, cement based, water resistant adhesive for adhering most types of ceramic tiles, stone and slate to rigid surfaces such as concrete, cement render, brickwork in wall and floor applications.
  • Adjuvate OnePot Grip – A ready to use white synthetic resin based adhesive designed for laying mosaic and ceramic tiles onto fibre cement, plaster, gyprock or masonry walls in interior applications.
  • Adjuvate UltraGrip – A cement based, rubber modified, highly deformable ceramic tile adhesive designed to bond ceramic and stone tile to concrete, cement render, block work, plasterboard and fibre cement substrates.

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