Adjuvate LamiLok

One part cross linking PVA adhesive

Adjuvate LamiLock is a pre-catalysed, ready to use, long shelf life, thermosetting emulsion adhesive. LamiLock provides rapid, high strength bonds, that are resistant to heat and moisture. LamiLock can be used in hot press, radio frequency (RF) or cold press applications. It is recommended for the bonding of most materials as used in the manufacture of automotive interior components ie. Carpets, Fabrics, Foam and Textiles to Timber and compressed Cardboard. It is suitable for Finger jointing, Edge gluing, Veneering, Joinery, etc
LamiLock is also suitable for lamination and post forming of High Pressure Laminates to particle board and MDF board

Adjuvate Neoprene

Contact adhesive

Adjuvate Neoprene contact adhesive suitable for bonding leather, rubber and other shoe materials, as well as flooring and table top materials of vinyl, linoleum, cork, rubber, "formica", "laminex" etc. to wood, fibreboard, masonite, iron and concrete, suitable for application by scraper or brush.

Adjuvate WoodGrip

Professional PVA Wood Glue

Adjuvate PVA WoodGrip is a superior performance PVAc adhesive designed for high strength timber and general purpose wood working and joinery adhesive. Adjuvate PVA WoodGrip is a low temperature film former eliminating chalking at low temperatures.

Adjuvate WoodGrip GF2

Moisture Cured PU Adhesive

Adjuvate WoodGrip GF2 is a moisture curing polyurethane adhesive ideal for bonding woods, metal trims & nosings, aluminium, carpet grippers as well as many other materials where a quick bond is beneficial. Will bond well to concrete, timber and many other common building substrates. WoodGrip GF2 exhibits excellent water and high temperature resistance once cured.