Adjuvate Adjunaco

Economical thinset render

Adjuvate Adjunaco is a ready to use cement based, polymer modified, pre-mix wall render. The product is designed for use over concrete, concrete block and brick work etc. It can be used both internally and externally to achieve superior results wherever a conventional sand / cement blend would be specified. The material is ideal to patch or smooth uneven wall surfaces prior to paint or the application of textured coatings.

Adjuvate RendeRite

Thin set render

Adjuvate Renderite is a Polymer modified, cement based ‘thin set’ wall render for the repair or final finishing of walls and ceilings in external or internal applications. Suitable for use over concrete, precast concrete, block, brick or aerated concrete surfaces. Easily coloured.

Adjuvate SprayCrete

Spray applied repair mortar

Adjuvate Spraycrete is a specially formulated, single component, fibre-reinforced cementitous repair mortar designed to be mechanically applied in a range of industrial applications. The product can be applied through wet or dry processes vertically or overhead. Spraycrete is produced for use in the civil, mining and water treatment industries.