Adjuvate Sanded Grout

Premium Floor Tile Grout

Adjuvate Sanded Grout is a powdered grout for wall and floor ceramic tiles, slate, quarry tiles and stones. For use in joints between 2.5 and 20mm in size.
Adjuvate Sanded Grout is available in colours, Neutral, Off White, Grey and Brown and is suitable for most internal and external applications. Colour matching can be provided by our laboratories.

Adjuvate Wall Grout

Premium Ceramic Tile Wall Grout

Adjuvate Wall Grout is a soft smooth compressible grouting mixture that has been specifically designed for use as a wall grout to provide a fine matt finish to enhance the effect of high gloss tiles. Wall Grout is recommended for use in wall grout applications up to 5mm wide. Colour matching can be provided by our laboratory.