Adjuvate ExPlas Admixture

Expansion and superplasticiser

Adjuvate ExPlas is an engineered admixture formulation containing dispersing, fluidising, water reducing and gas generating expansion additives.
The material is used as an additive to Portland Cement based grouts as well as grouts containing fly ash, silica fume, pozzolanic additives or fine aggregate etc

Adjuvate MudMaker

Plasticising Mortar Modifier

Adjuvate MudMaker is a ready to use concentrate, specially formulated liquid additive to be included in gauging water used by Bricklayers in mortars & Tilers in bedding screeds and Renders.

Alkali Resistant Glass Fibre

AR Glass Fibre

Adjuvate Australia is a trusted South Pacific authorised distributor of the Fibre Tech Glass Fibre range. As with all of our technically superior range we can also assist with formulation development, product blending and packaging. Alkali resistant glass fibre is proven to provide significant benefit when incorporated into concrete, mortar, grout and render.