Adjuvate AdjuFoam

Closed cell expansion joint

Adjufoam is a closed cell, cross linked 100% polyethylene foam expansion joint and space filler strip. Designed as a bond breaker and preformed expansion joint. Adjufoam is compressible, even under light loads, and has excellent recovery properties.

Adjuvate AluSeal

Aluminium flashing tape

A self-adhesive cold applied sealing tape recommended for all substrate sealing repairs on asphalt, bituminous sheets, glass, metal, plastics, timber, mortar, concrete, bricks, rooftiles, stone, seal guttering, downpipes, roof sheets or flashings. Seal cracked brickwork, concrete, tiles or glass. Seal carport or verandah roof to main wall. Seal window frames.

Adjuvate BrakeClean

Adjuvate BrakeClean is a hydrocarbon based solvent designed specifically as an efficient degreaser for automotive brakes and parts.
The product evaporates quickly leaving little to no residue on the parts being cleaned. BrakeClean also finds use in spot or surface cleaning and as a concrete cleaner in automotive workshops.

Adjuvate GPSOL

General purpose solvent for sealer applications

Adjuvate GPSOL is a strong aromatic solvent specifically formulated to clean and thin the Adjuvate GP Range of concrete sealers. In most instances the product will re-solvate other coatings and can be used to clean application tools before the sealer dries.

Adjuvate Mixing Paddle

Available in two sizes: The 120mm diameter Mixing Paddle is designed to mix materials such as plaster, glues, adhesives, render, paints and liquids. The 500mm length allows you to comfortably mix materials from a standing position. The 75mm diameter Mixing Paddle is suitable for epoxies, paint and small batches of similar pastes.