Finesse Shellite

Finesse Shellite is a flammable hydrocarbon solvent most commonly used as lighter fuel or fuel for shellite specific stoves, torches or lanterns. Clean burning and residueless quick evaporation means effective solvency of most greases and oils. Suitable cleaning most surfaces prior to painting.

Finesse Thinners AP

Finesse All Purpose Thinners is a premium quality, general purpose paint thinner and cleaning solvent. Designed to be used as a general thinner for most solvent based paint, acrylics and epoxies. Commonly used as a paint remover or spot cleaner it can be used as a general purpose cleaning solvent.

Finesse White Spirit

Finesse White Spirits, commonly called home dry cleaning fluid, is a hydrocarbon solvent providing good solvency with controlled evaporation to help remove oil, grease, wax silicone and dirt stains from a range of fabrics and substrates. It can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner or thinner.

Henkel Ferropre (7606)

Epoxy jointing compound

FERROPRE is a 100% solids two pack epoxy resin bonding sealer, specifically developed for jointing cast iron plumbing systems. It provides easy fabrication for all types of designs and exhibits a putty-like consistency to allow bonding and filling of large voids. It may also be used for filling and sealing cast iron and PVC pipe penetrations through walls and floors. The cured system is resistant to a range of corrosive chemicals.

Willows Timber Preserver

In & above ground timber coating

Willows Timber preserver is an excellent replacement for creosote. Being a non drying oil it gives long lasting protection for your timber. The product also aids in the longevity of copper logs.