Adjuvate StudGrip

Plasterboard Stud Adhesive

Adjuvate Studgrip is a water-based Acrylic adhesive used for bonding plasterboard to timber and metal studs for wall and ceiling lining. Its buttery consistency is designed for easy no-slump application, fast grab and maximum adhesive transfer. This cost effective material complies with AS 2753-1985 for timber (including CCA, LSOP and Tanalith treated) and steel framing systems.

Boral All Purpose PreMix

Plasterboard setting compound

All Purpose Premix compound is an economical, air-drying, lightweight compound suitable for all three coat applications or as a finishing coat for all plasterboard joints, angles and fastener heads. It is a premium grade product that can be used in conjunction with BaseCote™ or RediBase™ compounds.

Boral Basecote 45

Plasterboard setting compound

BaseCote™ is a plaster based, setting type compound formulated for the bedding of plasterboard joints, angles and spotting fastener heads. Available in consistent working times of 45, 60 and 90 minutes.

Boral Cornice 45

Plaster cornice adhesive

Cornice Adhesive is a plaster-based adhesive formulated for bonding paperfaced and plaster cornices to plasterboard surfaces and reinforcing joints in cornices. It can also be used for bonding other plaster decorative products, bonding back-blocks to plasterboard joints, laminating plasterboard sheets and caulking gaps in fire-rated wall constructions.

Boral FinalCote

Plasteboard finishing compound