Adjuvate AdjuFoam

Closed cell expansion joint

Adjufoam is a closed cell, cross linked 100% polyethylene foam expansion joint and space filler strip. Designed as a bond breaker and preformed expansion joint. Adjufoam is compressible, even under light loads, and has excellent recovery properties.

Adjuvate AluSeal

Aluminium flashing tape

A self-adhesive cold applied sealing tape recommended for all substrate sealing repairs on asphalt, bituminous sheets, glass, metal, plastics, timber, mortar, concrete, bricks, rooftiles, stone, seal guttering, downpipes, roof sheets or flashings. Seal cracked brickwork, concrete, tiles or glass. Seal carport or verandah roof to main wall. Seal window frames.

Adjuvate RecoSote

External Timber Preserver

Adjuvate Recosote has been specifically developed in response to Creosote’s removal from the consumer market. It is formulated to provide long lasting protection for all timber in external applications.
Recosote is non-hazardous and safe to use with timber posts, stakes, sleepers, garden edges and any other timber in contact with the ground. The unique formulation combining specialty oils and a tough bitumen coating, give improved protection for all treated and untreated timber.

Adjuvate RigiFoam

High density expansion joint

Rigifoam is a closed cell, cross linked 100% polyethylene foam expansion joint and space filler strip. Rigifoam is compressible, and exhibits superior recovery properties when compared to lower density foams. Rigifoam is non-absorbent and is virtually impervious to fluids. The product complies with most Department of Work’s requirements.

Alkali Resistant Glass Fibre

AR Glass Fibre

Adjuvate Australia is a trusted South Pacific authorised distributor of the Fibre Tech Glass Fibre range. As with all of our technically superior range we can also assist with formulation development, product blending and packaging. Alkali resistant glass fibre is proven to provide significant benefit when incorporated into concrete, mortar, grout and render.