Adjuvate Adjuflex

Glass reinforced waterproofing membrane

Adjuflex Waterproofing Membrane is a pure acrylic co-polymer, water based, high build coating material. The product is plasticiser free. Adjuflex's combination of high adhesion to correctly prepared substrate, flexibility, abrasive resistance, high UV resistance and water resistance ensures exceptional durability.

Adjuvate Bitumoid

Membranes & Dampcourse

Bitumoid Felt Sheeting and Dampcourse are manufactured using recycled wood fibres, processed to meet exacting standard on purpose built machinery. Filled oxidised Asphalt is especially manufactured for these products from selected feed stocks. Bitumoid Dampcourse is suitable for use in walls to a maximum of 8 metres above the dampcourse line. Bitumoid offers improved resistance to wet mortar slip, is flexible resistant to cement, concrete and lime alkalinity

Adjuvate BlakJak Paste

Waterproof bitumen putty

Blakjak is a thick, inert fibre reinforced solvent based bituminous mastic; alkali and acid resistant; waterproof; low shrinkage; will not slump at temperatures up to 70oc; good adhesion to all clean, dry surfaces; forms a skin quickly then dries slowly beneath the surface.

Adjuvate BlakPaint

Bitumen paint

Adjuvate Blakpaint is a asphaltic based paint. Based on refined bitumen and selected solvents it is formulated to provide adhesion to metal, concrete and bituminous surfaces. Blakpaint may be used as a primer for bitumen based membranes and coatings.

Adjuvate BlakSeal Brush

Waterproof coating

Adjuvate Blakseal is a sealing compound, brushable grade, bitumen based, fibre reinforced solvent cut compound formulated to a brushable consistency, but with sufficient body to give a thick build. When dry forms a durable flexible waterproof barrier. May be applied to wet surfaces, skins readily and has good weathering properties.