Adjuvate 1000 - Vinyl Adhesive
High strength, water-based, latex/resin rubber adhesive for fixing reinforced vinyl tiles, mineral fibre backed sheet vinyl, natural cork tiles and most secondary backed carpets to smooth, clean, dry subfloors.  
1L, 4L, 20L, 200L

Adjuvate PS
Water based, pressure sensitive, non-flammable, high flexibility, easy to apply, fast through drying, acrylic copolymer resin adhesive for fixing reinforced vinyl & carpet tiles.
4L, 20L

Adjuvate Australia

Gel Contact Adhesive

Gel version of Neoprene Contact Adhesive - non drip (as listed above).
1L, 4L

GP Construction Adhesive
A fast setting, high strength, synthetic rubber based adhesive. Used as an alternative to nails and screws, as a timber construction adhesive as well as an adhesive for most common building materials.

Neoprene Contact Adhesive
Fast drying, fast curing, high strength premium quality. Bonds leather, rubber, most vinyls, linoleum, cork, Formica/laminex, timber, metal, veneers, etc. to wood, fibreboard, masonite, metal & concrete. Resistant to heat, water, humidity, detergents, non-aromatic fuels, oils and ageing.
1L, 4L, 20L, 200L

Woodgrip - PVA Wood Glue
High performance, high strength, all purpose wood glue. Designed for wood working & general joinery applications.
500ml, 1L, 4L, 20L, 200L, 1,000L



EZY SEAL Roof & Gutter
A neutral cure silicone sealant, designed for general purpose waterproof sealing applications where long term reliability is required.

EZY SEAL Kitchen & Bathroom
An acetic cure, sanitary grade silicone sealant, designed to provide a watertight, mould and mildew resistant, seal in damp and steamy areas.

EZY FILL Acrylic Sealant
A non hazardous, durable acrylic gap sealant for use where movement would cause other fillers to crack or fall out.


One Potgrip - Paste
Pre-mixed, low slump, ready to use synthetic resin based adhesive, for laying mosaic & ceramic tiles onto interior  fibre cement, plaster, plasterboard or masonry.
1L,  4L, 10L, 20L
Econogrip - Powder
Low cost,  high performance, general purpose,  water resistant adhesive for most types of ceramic,  stone & slate tiles. Interior & exterior applications.
10kg , 20kg
Supergrip - Powder
Premium, high performance, water resistant adhesive used for fixing adhering most ceramic wall & floor tiles. Polymer fortified, low slump, quick grab, easy spread.
Pack Size & Colour 
10kg Grey, White, 20kg Grey, Off-white, White.

Ceraflex - 2 Part

Premium 2-part rubber/cement, low slump, flexible, absorbs vibration, reduces cracking caused by minor subfloor movement.
10L Polymer, 15kg Powder  
Kit: 20L Polymer, 30kg Powder

Adgrip - Liquid
Multi-purpose Polymer additive.  Increases adhesion.  Primer  for highly porous surfaces. Grout additive. Use in  sand cement mixes instead of a PVA for higher strength and adhesion.
1L,  5L, 10L, 20L, 200L

Flexbed - Rubber Underlay
2-part acrylic cement & rubber underlay, a stress absorbing bed used prior to bonding ceramic, slate or stone floor tiles. Reduces crack transmission. Internal applications only.
20L Polymer, 30kg Powder

Resbr Grip - Rubber Modifier
Rubber polymer emulsion - add to cement or sand and cement to make ceramic tile adhesive, repair compounds. Improves adhesion and flex.
20 Litre


Wall Grout
Soft, smooth, compressible & mould retarded. Specifically designed to provide a fine matt finish. Recommended for use in wall grout applications up to 5 mm wide. White, also available in range of colours on request.
2.5kg,  5kg, 10kg, 20kg

Sanded Grout
Fine, even grained, high impact strength, powdered grout suitable for ceramic tiles, slate, quarry tiles & stone tiles.  Is suitable for most internal & external applications in joints between 3 mm & 20 mm sizes. Available in four colours, Neutral, Off-White, Grey & Brown.  Other colours on request.  20kg 


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