Adjuvate Adjurapid

Fast drying masonry repair mortar

Adjuvate Adjurapid is a premixed, shrinkage compensated, high polymer, cement mortar. The product contains a select blend of specialty cements, synthetic polymers, super plasticisers, wetting aids and adhesion promoters. Adjuvate Adjurapid is an easy to use repair mortar perfect for detailing wall and floor substrates of concrete, aerated concrete and general masonry.

Adjuvate Adjutex

Concrete colour shake hardener

Adjuvate Adjutex is a high strength, pre-blended, coloured, dry cement topping combining graded silica sands, Portland cement and other chemically reactive agents. Colour shake topping.

Adjuvate BarChair

New slab associated products

The Adjuvate range of concrete slab products have been represented in the Australian building market for over ten years. The products are recognised as an economical, quality concreters solution. The range includes standard plastic chairs from 25 – 100mm, wire chairs from 20 – 340mm, panel chairs, builders plastic and a host of other associated products.

Adjuvate Bitform

Asphaltic joint filler

Adjuvate Bitform expansion jointing, uses a proprietary process that thoroughly mixes wood fibres in a asphaltic binder, then forms the fibres into a rigid board. The result is an economical, environmentally safe compressible material that’s stronger yet easier to handle.

Adjuvate BondRite

Superior polymer modifier

BondRite is a synthetic resin dispersed in water, specially formulated and suited for use as a cement addition to improve bond strength flexural strength and compressive strength for toppings, new cement and old. BondRite can also be used suitably diluted, as a spray-on cement curing compound.