Adjuvate OnePot Grip

Ceramic tile adhesive. Classification D2F

OnePot Grip is a ready to use white synthetic resin based adhesive designed for laying mosaic and ceramic tiles onto fibre cement, plaster, gyprock or masonry walls in interior applications.

Adjuvate Sanded Grout

Premium Floor Tile Grout

Adjuvate Sanded Grout is a powdered grout for wall and floor ceramic tiles, slate, quarry tiles and stones. For use in joints between 2.5 and 20mm in size.
Adjuvate Sanded Grout is available in colours, Neutral, Off White, Grey and Brown and is suitable for most internal and external applications. Colour matching can be provided by our laboratories.

Adjuvate SilvaSeal

Reflective bitumen paint

Adjuvate Silvaseal is a cost effective bitumen-based aluminium paint, specially designed to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce temperature on bituminous roofing and protect exposed metal from deterioration.

Adjuvate SuperGrip

High performance ceramic tile adhesive. Classification C2T

Supergrip is a AS 4992/06 - C2T compliant, high performance, slump resistant, water resistant adhesive used for adhering most types of ceramic tiles, onto rigid surfaces such as concrete, cement render, brickwork and wall and floor applications.

Adjuvate Ultragrip

Highly flexible tile adhesive. Classification C2S2E

Adjuvate Ultragrip is a cement based, rubber modified, highly deformable ceramic tile adhesive designed to bond ceramic and stone tile to concrete, cement render, block work, plasterboard and fibre cement substrates. The product is suitable for both internal and external, wall and floor applications. Ultragrip is suitable for use over manufacturer approved waterproofing membranes