Raincote - Water Repellant
Long life, Silicone masonry water repellant for concrete, cement render, block and brick walls.
20L, 200L

Adjuflex - Waterproofing Membrane
A glass reinforced, PURE Acrylic copolymer, water-based, high build coating system Used to waterproof or paint concrete, clean coated metal roofing, bitumen sheeting and flashings, timber or compressed cement sheets in walls, decks, balconies and roofing.


Non flammable, high adhesion, flexible, high UV & water resistance, exceptional durability. Available in the following colours: Light Grey (Standard) & White, Lysaght’s “Colourbond” Metal Roofing Range coordinates also available. Kit includes 1.5m2  fibreglass matt and 10 M of 125 mm fibreglass matt, disposable gloves and an instruction brochure.
4L, 10L, 20L

Adjuflex TP2

2-part water based polymer cement coating. High adhesion, rapid setting.  Easy to use; mix equal parts powder and liquid and apply by brush.  Can be applied to damp concrete.
Kit contains 10L of liquid and 10kg of powder.

Epoxifix - Epoxy

2-part  water based epoxy - waterproofing primer, cement modifier for high strength repairs to concrete.  Mix with sand & cement. Internal garage and workshop floor sealer.
4L Kit,  20L Kit

Eposeal Grey - Epoxy
2-part water based epoxy - stops rising damp in concrete slabs, masonry and walls.  Easy to use, mix equal parts and apply by brush or roller.  Can be applied to damp concrete.
4L Kit, 20L Kit


Rubberised bitumen emulsion, for waterproofing Masonry walls under 1 metre, planter boxes etc before backfilling -not suitable withstanding hydrostatic pressure.

Blakpaint - Bitumen Paint
Bitumen, solvent based paint & primer, for the protection of iron roofing, gutters, etc.
4L, 20L, 200L 

Blakseal - Brushable Coating

A heavy, brushable, protective coating and waterproof for metal, sealing below ground retaining walls, planter boxes, block work, gutters etc. 
1L, 4L, 20L

Blakjack - Knife Grade Putty
A knife graded putty/mastic, to repair holes and cracks in concrete, metals, gutters, flashings and water tanks.
1kg, 4kg, 20kg 

Silvaseal - Reflective Paint
A bitumen based heat reflective silver coloured paint for protecting metal roofing and bituminous roofing.

4L, 20L


Polybond - Torch Applied
APP bitumen based membrane, with a high strength polyester reinforcement. Available in 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and Mineral finish.
-10oC flexibility, High UV, bacteria and pollution resistance. 50 % elongation, Tensile strength 920N/50 mm.
10 M rolls

Elastobond - Torch Applied
SBS bitumen based membrane, with a Polyester reinforcement. Available in 3 kg, 4 kg , -15oC flexibility, High flex and elongation, bacteria and pollution resistance. 50 % elongation, Tensile strength 860 N/50 mm.
10 M rolls

APP bitumen based membrane, Glass fibre ventilated base sheet.
20M rolls

Antiradice - Torch Applied - Root Resistant
Chemically treated APP bitumen based membrane, with a high strength polyester reinforcement. Available in 4 mm.  -10
oC flexibility, bacteria and pollution resistance. 50 % elongation, Tensile strength 880N/50 mm.
10 M rolls

Other Polyglass membranes available on request.


Embossed black Polythene dampcourse .  0.5mm thick for flashing, waterproofing and damproofing. Available in 30 M rolls. Complies with Australian Standard AS2904-1995
110 mm, 150 mm, 230 mm, 300 mm

Lead Flashing & Dampcourse
Available in 6 Metre rolls. Grades  “10 kg” Light, “15 kg” Medium, “20 kg” Heavy
110 mm, 150 mm, 300 mm, 600 mm

A closed cell Polyethylene expansion jointing with a removable zip strip, providing a 10mm recess if required.  Non bleeding, chemical resistant.
10mm and 12mm x 25 metre rolls.
10mm x  50mm, 10mm x  75mm, 10mm x 100mm, 10mm x 125 mm, 10mm x 150mm, 10mm x 300mm
12mm x  50mm, 12mm x  75mm, 12mm x 100mm, 12mm x 125mm, 12mm x 150mm, 12mm x 300mm

Low extrusion, low bleed, bitumen impregnated fibre board expansion joint filler.
8.5mm Thick  - 2.44 metre Long, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 900mm


The entire ‘Master Series’ of membranes and their associated accessories are specifically designed for Australian conditions and produced under the strict guidelines of ISO9001 Total Quality Management

Master Mineral PA
High quality APP membrane combining; high performance polymer bitumen, polyester / glass carrier and a mineral chip topping. This system provides a durable answer to the problems associated with flat / sloped roofs exposed to the harsh Australian environment.
10m rolls

Master P3

APP bitumen based membrane, with a high strength polyester / glass reinforcement.
Good cold flexibility, bacteria & pollution resistance and High UV rating make this product a sensible, below grade solution for Australian conditions.
10m rolls

Master Garden P3

Polyester reinforced APP membrane with the added benefit of a root inhibiting compound. Plant roots are repelled upon contact with the membrane, making it suitable for all planter box applications as well as below grade where root damage may be expected.
10m rolls

Master Base V

Glass fibre reinforced membrane designed as a dimensionally stable underlayment for multi-layer systems. When utilised under Master P3, Master Mineral PA or Master Garden P3 it augments a durable solution to the demands of Australian flat roof applications.  
10m rolls

Master Vent

With 14% perforation this vent sheet provides a dimensionally stable underlayment with the ability to disperse moisture in all directions. This design reduces the possibility of trapped moisture blistering, deforming or damaging the completed Master P3, Master Mineral PA or Master Garden P3 two layer system.
20m rolls

Accessories & Tools
Adjuvate stocks a large range of detail accessories and application tools to assist in the placement of our Master Series Systems.



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